Boom Securities expands Japan markets and other Hong Kong stock broker updates

There are a few additions and updates to the stock broker directory for Hong Kong international stock brokers. Perhaps most notably, the purchase of Boom Securities by Japan’s Monex Group has led to some expansion of its Japanese markets offering. As well as the Tokyo stock exchange, it now offers Osaka and the three smaller regional ones: Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka.

New additions to the directory include BOCI Securities (BOCI Online), KGI and HSBC Hong Kong. These three firms are unlikely to offer much that isn’t already available for most international investors, but have been added to try to make the directory more comprehensive. There are a few other firms that should be added in the near future.

BOCI Securities states that “commission rate will be determined and agreed between customer & BOCI Securities”, which isn’t terribly helpful in giving an idea of how expensive it might be. Any investors who have used it and can give an idea of what typical rates are is welcome to leave a comment below or send an email via the contact form.

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I just opened an account with Boom securities. So far, everything is fine. I am just wondering if you or others have used them and what you thought about their service.

I checked online on the SFC website and they are registered broker but I don’t seem to find much information like reviews.

I haven’t used Boom myself, but I’ve spoken to a number of people who have and I think comments have been universally positive. I ran a survey through another site about two or three years ago concerning which brokers readers used for international trading, and Boom was one of the most popular for Asia.

They’ve been around for a long time – since the late 1990s (they were one of the first online brokers in Asia) and being part of Monex now should mean they remain pretty solid.

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