Oct 272011

There are a number of updates to the directory of international stock brokers. These include details of five more firms – two from the UK, one from Luxembourg and two from Lithuania – with a few more on the way.

Charles Stanley is a long established UK broker and it offers international stock trading for much of Asia, Greece, Poland and South Africa as well as the usual developed European and North American markets. This is a full-service private client stock broker, which means that fees are a little than the discount stock brokers and you’re probably looking at minimum trade sizes of £2,500-5,000 to be cost effective.

On the other hand, once you factor in better execution and other costs, firms such as these may be more cost-effective for larger international investments. For example, the currency conversion charges that most discount stock brokers charge should be far less with a good private client firm.

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Sep 062011

Brokerjet, an online stock broker operated by Austria’s Erste Bank, is now in the broker directory. The firm could be very useful to investors buying shares in Eastern Europe, since it’s the first multimarket online broker to offer a good range of stock markets there that provides services in English.

The available stock markets in Eastern Europe are Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. Given that most of these are expensive and hard to access through foreign brokers, Brokerjet’s fees [PDF] look reasonably good at around €20-35 minimum, although Saxo Bank is cheaper for Poland.

The service also includes most Western European markets. International investors will probably have access to most of these through other stock brokers already, but the inclusion of the German regional markets could be helpful for some. These are not included in many international stock brokers’ coverage, since they are of limited interest to most investors.

International stock brokers for the rest of the world


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The final section of this guide lists a few international stock brokers that may be of interest to investors in some of the less accessible markets. In general, these relate to markets that I am not personally involved in and know relatively little about the options for foreign investors. The stock brokers have been suggested to me by people who are, but I have generally not had the opportunity to get full details of what they offer. If you can recommend stock brokers or share useful information on investing in these countries, please email me.

Very important note: Some of these firms below operate out of well-regulated financial centres or are subsidiaries of major financial institutions. Other may offer much less investor protection and are included here because they represent the most promising solution that I’ve received for accessing more difficult markets. While I try not to include firms I believe to be suspect or suggest unregulated or lightly regulated firms where better regulated options are available, you should take considerable care and exercise due diligence in dealing with any firm in many of these markets. Be aware that in some countries it could be easier to invest than bring your money back home. As with the rest of this guide, I do not endorse any particular firm and details below are provided only to assist your own research.
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