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Run by Austria’s Erste Bank, Brokerjet seems to be the main multimarket account offering online stock broking across several Eastern European countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia) that caters to English-speaking clients.

The firm also offers the smaller German regional exchanges (Berlin-Bremen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover and Munich), as well as the main Frankfurt exchange and the smaller Stuttgart one. These are not usually provided by stock brokers outside Austria and Germany, although they are probably of limited interest to most investors. Fees seem reasonable compared to what you’ll pay for most Eastern European markets through traditional stock brokers.

The platform doesn’t seem to support multiple currencies in one trading account. So you’ll have to open separate deposits if you want to be able to settle deals in Poland directly in zloty, for example, and these may carry inactivity charges. But the currency conversion charge is a fairly low 0.25% if you don’t want to go to trouble of opening multiple currency accounts for settling the occasional trade in smaller markets.

I don’t have any direct user feedback, but found customer service was extremely fast and helpful when approaching them with questions about the account. Alternatives could be the Lithuanian firms Finasta and Orion Securities or the more costly Swissquote.

Markets available
Online tradingAustria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Regional, Germany - Stuttgart, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA
Telephone tradingAs above
Dealing commissions and charges
Typical onlinemin ~€9.99-36.99
Online detailsMix of tiered flat fees and commissions - indicatively: most of Europe and USA 0.25-0.5% (Austria, Germany (Frankfurt) min €9.99, USA, regional German markets min €16.99, others min €26.99), Czech Republic 0.7-1.5% (min CZK480), Hungary, Poland, Slovenia 0.9% (min €26.99), Croatia 0.9% (min €36.99)
Typical telephonemin ~€16.99-43.99
Telephone detailsOnline plus €7
Other fees and charges
Account fees and inactivity fees€15 per quarter if no trades placed in quarter - will also be charged separately for any inactive foreign currency deposit accounts
Custody charges for stocksNone
Dividend charges0.25% of dividend
Corporate action charges€30 charge to vote shares, rights issue 0.2% (min €16.45)
Currency conversion charges0.25% margin on interbank rate
Hold cash in foreign currenciesYes
Currencies allowedCHF, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, PLN, USD (accounts need to be opened individually and may be subject to inactivity charge)
Other details
Tax-advantaged accountsNone
Other products and servicesCFDs, funds, futures, FX, structured products, warrants
Minimum account sizeNone
Company locationAustria
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