Eastern Europe online stock trading with Brokerjet

Brokerjet, an online stock broker operated by Austria’s Erste Bank, is now in the broker directory. The firm could be very useful to investors buying shares in Eastern Europe, since it’s the first multimarket online broker to offer a good range of stock markets there that provides services in English.

The available stock markets in Eastern Europe are Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. Given that most of these are expensive and hard to access through foreign brokers, Brokerjet’s fees [PDF] look reasonably good at around €20-35 minimum, although Saxo Bank is cheaper for Poland.

The service also includes most Western European markets. International investors will probably have access to most of these through other stock brokers already, but the inclusion of the German regional markets could be helpful for some. These are not included in many international stock brokers’ coverage, since they are of limited interest to most investors.


Saxo Bank now offering stock trading for Poland

Saxo Bank is shortly going to be offering cash equity trading on the Warsaw stock exchange (they already offer CFDs there). As far as I know, that makes them the only the second online broker outside Poland to do so, after Brokerjet.

Unlike most of Eastern Europe, Poland has a stock market that could probably attract wider international attention, with over 400 stocks at present. Many of the other former communist countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary have just a handful.

The country came through the global crisis pretty well and its prospects are brighter than most of Europe. It should offer some good opportunities in the years ahead and it’s encouraging to see that international investors will finally have a low-cost way to access these.

Poland will be a bit more expensive than most of the Saxo Bank offering at 0.3%, with a minimum of 75 zloty (US$25, £15). But that’s still very competitive compared to traditional broker rates for markets like these.

The list of international stock brokers has been updated to include the details.