TD Direct rebrands Internaxx

TD Direct Investing (formerly known as TD Waterhouse) has renamed its Luxembourg division from Internaxx to TD Direct Investing International. Apart from standardising the brand, I imagine this is also part of breaking with the Fortis era. Internaxx began as a joint venture between TD Waterhouse and the Fortis-controlled Banque Générale du Luxembourg in 2001, with TDW buying out Fortis’ stake after the latter was nationalised in the 2008 crisis.


International stock broker updates – Charles Stanley, Daniel Stewart, HMS Markets, Finasta, Orion Securities

There are a number of updates to the directory of international stock brokers. These include details of five more firms – two from the UK, one from Luxembourg and two from Lithuania – with a few more on the way.

Charles Stanley is a long established UK broker and it offers international stock trading for much of Asia, Greece, Poland and South Africa as well as the usual developed European and North American markets. This is a full-service private client stock broker, which means that fees are a little than the discount stock brokers and you’re probably looking at minimum trade sizes of £2,500-5,000 to be cost effective.

On the other hand, once you factor in better execution and other costs, firms such as these may be more cost-effective for larger international investments. For example, the currency conversion charges that most discount stock brokers charge should be far less with a good private client firm.