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Phillip Securities Hong Kong

International investors comparing brokerage accounts in Asia should be aware that Phillip Securities Hong Kong and Phillip Capital Singapore seem to be run independently of each other and offer different services.

The Hong Kong arm offers more markets online than the Singapore division, but less markets overall. International investors looking for an offshore account to trade Asian markets may do better through its sister firm or OCBC Securities in Singapore.

However, this is still one of the better multimarket brokers around and worth considering, especially if you need to invest in Japanese markets other than Tokyo which are rarely offered by international retail stock brokers (fellow Hong Kong broker Boom Securities is also worth considering for this purpose).

Markets available
Online tradingAustralia, China B, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan - Nagoya, Japan - Osaka, Japan - Sapporo, Japan - Tokyo, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, USA OTCBB and Pink Sheets
Telephone tradingBelgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Stuttgart, Germany - Regional, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK
Dealing commissions and charges
Typical onlinemin ~HK$100-380
Online detailsAustralia up to 0.38% (min A$35), China B 0.3% (min Shanhai US$30, Shenzhen HK$150), Hong Kong 0.25% (min HK$100), Indonesia 0.65% (min IDR215,000), Japan up to 0.5% (min ¥3,000), Korea 0.35% (min KRW20,000), Malaysia 0.3% (min MYR75), Singapore up to 0.35% (min S$33), Taiwan 0.25% (min NT$600) plus NT$250, Thailand 0.4% (min THB700), USA up to 0.25% (min US$20)
Typical telephonemin ~HK$250-1,200
Telephone detailsCanada 0.33% (min C$38), Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal up to 0.3% (min €20), Finland, Ireland 0.3% (min €28), Germany - Frankfurt 0.29% (min €30), Germany - Stuttgart and Regional 0.4% (min €38), Philippines 0.6% (min PHP2,000) plus PHP82.5, Sweden 0.3% (min SEK180), Switzerland 0.3% (min CHF45), Turkey 0.3% (min TRY33), UK up to 0.5% (min £48)
Other fees and charges
Account fees and inactivity feesNone
Custody charges for stocksCustody charges: Germany 0.03% per year, Taiwan 0.12% per year min HK$50, others none
Dividend chargesDividend handling charges: Australia A$5, Canada C$4, China B Shanghai US$4 Shenzhen HK$30, Germany €10, Hong Kong 0.5% (min HK$30, max HK$2,500), Indonesia IDR37,500, Japan ¥450, Korea KRW3,800, Malaysia 0.5% (min MYR20), Philippines 2% (min PHP228, max PHP2,000), Singapore 2% (min S$8, max S$100), Taiwan NT$150, Thailand THB150, UK £3, USA 2% (min US$6, max US$70)
Corporate action chargesCorporate action handling charges: Hong Kong rights issue HK$1.2 per board lot plus HK$30, others not stated
Currency conversion chargesNot stated
Hold cash in foreign currenciesYes
Currencies allowedAUD, CAD, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, SGD, USD
Other details
Tax-advantaged accountsNone
Other products and servicesFutures, FX, options
Minimum account sizeNone (HK$10,000 for applicants not opening account in person)
Company locationHong Kong
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