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Haitong Securities (Taifook Securities)

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Formerly known as Taifook Securities, the firm was part of the New World conglomerate, controlled by billionaire Cheng Yu-tung. In 2009, it was bought by the Hong Kong arm of mainland brokerage Haitong Securities and renamed.

The company is a major provider of investment services into Hong Kong shares for mainland residents. Although it offers a good range of international markets, it is not routinely used by international investors.

Markets available
Online tradingChina B, Hong Kong, USA, USA OTCBB and Pink Sheets
Telephone tradingAustralia, Canada, Japan - Osaka, Japan - Tokyo, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK
Dealing commissions and charges
Typical onlineHK$100
Online detailsChina B 0.2% (min Shanghai US$25 Shenzhen HK$100), Hong Kong 0.25% (min HK$100), USA 0.15% (min US$12.8)
Typical telephonemin ~HK$100-1,250
Telephone detailsAustralia 0.5% (min A$100), Canada 0.5% (min C$150), China B 0.3% (min Shanghai US$35 Shenzhen HK$100), Hong Kong 0.15% (min HK$100), Japan 0.3% (min ¥3,000), Korea 0.4% (min US$50), Malaysia 0.5% (min MYR200), Singapore 0.3% (min S$50), Taiwan 0.3% (min NT$1,500), Thailand 0.5% (min THB2,000), UK 0.5% (min £50), USA 0.25% (min US$30)
Other fees and charges
Account fees and inactivity feesHK$10 per month
Custody charges for stocksAustralia A$30 per holding per half year (max A$100), Hong Kong HK$0.15 per board lot per half year (min HK$50, max HK$5,000), Japan 0.15% per year, Taiwan 0.1% per year, others none
Dividend chargesDividend handling charges: Australia 1% (min A$10), Canada 1% (min C$5), China B 1% (min Shanghai US$5, Shenzhen US$5), Hong Kong up to 0.5% (min HK$20), Japan 1% (min ¥1,000), Korea 1% (min US$5), Malaysia 1.5% (min MYR20), Singapore 1.5% (min S$10), Taiwan 1% (min NT$200), Thailand 1% (min THB1,500), USA 1% (min US$5)
Corporate action chargesCorporate action handling charges: Hong Kong rights issue HK$1 per board lot (min HK$10), others not stated
Currency conversion chargesNot stated
Hold cash in foreign currenciesNo
Currencies allowedHKD, USD
Other details
Tax-advantaged accountsNone
Other products and servicesBonds, futures, FX, metals, options
Minimum account sizeNone
Company locationHong Kong
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