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Polaris Securities

I have received little feedback on this broker. If you would like to add any comments, please email me.

This is the Hong Kong arm of one of Taiwan’s largest stock brokers. While it provides services in English, it seems to be little used by English-speaking international investors.

Polaris offers a wide range of Asian markets, mostly for broker-assisted trading. It’s not especially cheap, but the inclusion of Vietnam is noteworthy – it seems to be the only international multimarket stock broker offering this country.

I understand that to trade in Vietnam you still need to have a local account and unique investor ID, which requires a visit to the country to register in person. From the details provided, it’s unclear whether you still need to have applied for your own account and ID before trading or whether Polaris has managed to get around these restrictions – investors considering using the firm to trade Vietnam will need to get a definitive answer to this before opening an account.