How to sell foreign stocks


I have shares in ANZ Bank in Australia. I now live in the UK. What’s the easiest way for me to sell these shares?

Problems like this are by far the most common query I get from readers of this site. Many investors who have moved between countries or held shares in a company that was taken over by a foreign firm end up with small shareholdings in stocks listed in another country and aren’t sure how to get rid of them.

It sounds like it should be an easy question to answer, but it’s usually more awkward than you’d expect. The solution will depend on which country the shares are listed in, where the seller is resident and exactly how the shares are held.

This means it’s generally not possible to suggest a specific broker or outline the exact process, because details will vary from reader to reader. However, the basic principles will usually be the same, so this article will explain the steps you’ll need to follow to sell your overseas shares. Continue reading »