Binck Bank


Binck Bank is the largest discount broker in the Netherlands. It also has divisions in Belgium and France, which offer much the same service but with different fee structures.

The company does not offer services in English, although some staff may be able to provide support. And for investing in stocks, there are plenty of alternative brokers for all the markets Binck trades that are already set up for English-speaking clients.

However, for investors who are looking for a wide range of instruments such as options and structured products covering European markets, Binck is reported to be a very useful low-cost provider if you’re prepared to learn enough key Dutch or French terms to operate the platform.

Markets available
Online tradingAustria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany - Frankfurt, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, USA OTCBB, USA OTC Pink Sheets
Telephone tradingAs above
Dealing commissions and charges
Typical onlinemin €10
Online detailsAustria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany - Frankfurt, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA 0.15% plus €9.5, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal 0.06% plus €5.50 - 0.1% plus €6.50
Typical telephonemin €15
Telephone detailsOnline rates plus €5
Other fees and charges
Account fees and inactivity feesNone
Custody charges for stocks0.2% per year up to €50,OOO, 0.1% up to €250,000, 0.05% up to €5,000,000, 0.01% balance
Dividend chargesNone
Corporate action chargesNone
Currency conversion charges0.1% margin over interbank rates
Hold cash in foreign currenciesNo
Currencies allowedEUR
Other details
Tax-advantaged accountsNone
Other products and servicesBonds, funds, futures, options, structured products
Minimum account sizeNone
Company locationNetherlands
Further informationVisit the Binck Bank website

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